Happy Easter to all.

Happy Easter to all.

On "Kawaii" and Appropriation   


I am Japanese and I find the usage of the word “kawaii” by non-Japanese people to be extremely appropriative and damaging. I’ll tell you why:

  1. It is not just a word for cute. When non-Japanese people say something is “kawaii,” they are not simply saying something is cute. There are connotations…

Your “kawaii” statement has been happening to other cultures for years. I have traveled the world and black people are the most celebrated people on the planet.

Some people are admirers of other cultures and some feel the need to dive into other cultures because their lack of culture.

Our style, culture and slang have constantly been made a mockery and profit to the big wigs.

This to will fade when the next fad comes along.


Turn uppp

Who is the best rapper of all time?




Criteria include commercial success, lyrical ability, impact on hip hop, and ability to actually rock a stage.

Who would you choose?

Based on that criteria? You have to go Lil Wayne.

most commercially successful rapper Eminem Is…

Gonna have to go with Em or Jay if we are talking about those listed attributes.